Special Feature: Future Cinema’s Dennis Hopper retrospective

Future Cinema, creators of the acclaimed Secret Cinema, presents a very special screening tribute to the late, great Dennis Hopper with a unique screening of David Lynch’s 1986 cult classic Blue Velvet on Saturday 31st July. A maverick, a renegade, a debauched hell-raiser – there are a long list of Continue Reading


Film Review: ‘Predators’

★★★☆☆ It’s no surprise producer Robert Rodriguez and director Nimród Antal stressed that they wanted this film to be seen as a sequel only to the original Predator (1987) movie which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. With their simplified plots and cartoon-like feel, it was also no wonder that Predator 2 (1990) Continue Reading

Film Review: ‘Inception’

★★★★☆ When we’re dreaming, time moves differently. We don’t notice while we’re sleeping, but it does; a second of real time can feel like minutes, or even hours, in dream-time. It’s a concept that’s taken to its thrilling logical conclusion in Inception (2010), as writer/director Christopher Nolan spins out a tale Continue Reading