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Year: 2010

DVD Releases: ‘White Material’

Clare Denis’ White Material (2010) combines beautiful cinematography, meticulously placed ambient music and a cast of stimulating characters to portray a very evocative and open-ended drama. The framing of the wild land of Africa helps to decentralise the individual performances […]

DVD Review: ‘Inception’

★★★★☆ Let’s be honest, at this point in time nothing this review says is likely to persuade or dissuade you from seeing Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster hit Inception (2010). The chances are you’ve already seen it four times and have the […]

Film Review: ‘Monsters’

★★★★☆ Shot on location in New Mexico and featuring a cast of relatively unknown actors, British director Gareth Edwards has made a low-budget (reportedly as little as £500,000), mini-masterpiece in Monsters (2010), a mesh of industry-standard effects and raw human […]

Film Review: ‘Miral’

Told over a period of some forty-seven years, Julian Schnabel’s Miral (2010) recounts the life of a young woman growing up in Israeli-occupied Palestine following the establishment of the first Jewish state. Adapted by Rula Jebreal from her own novel […]