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Day: 23 February 2011

Special Feature: On style, taste and formalism

The director of a film is usually the person who is identified as the author (or auteur), because they decide primarily how the film should look. After all, film is a visual medium; the look of it is paramount. While […]

Ghost hunting with Paranormal Activity 2

On a cold, dark London evening, I had the chance to experience Tod Williams’ Paranormal Activity 2 (2010) – released on DVD this coming Monday (28 February) – in the scariest environment imaginable: the downstairs of a South London pub. This […]

Special Feature: ‘Eclectic Electric All-Nighter’

The Electric Cinema – the oldest cinema in London – will be celebrating its 100th birthday this Saturday (26th February) with the ‘Eclectic Electric All-Nighter’. The venue will be screening a selection of films from the Cinema Club’s 1970s programmes, and is […]