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Film Review: ‘Horrible Bosses’

★★★★☆ Hot on the heals of gross-out comedy Bridesmaids (2011) comes Seth Gordon’s Horrible Bosses (2011). Friends Nick, Dale and Kurt share a common problem: they all hate their bosses. Nick (Jason Bateman) works for tyrannical […]

Film Review: ‘Beginners’

★★★★☆ Mike Mills’ Beginners (2010) is an incredibly intelligent and sensitive film; it is well made, carefully thought out and has bags of quirky humour. The plot focus on a graphic designer Oliver whose world is […]

Film Review: ‘The Lavender Hill Mob’

 ★★★★☆ In celebration of its 60th anniversary, the truly brilliant British heist film directed by Charles Crichton, The Lavender Hill Mob (1951) has been digitally restored, rendering its image just as sharp as its Oscar-winning screenplay. […]

Film Review: ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2’

★★★★☆ The Hogwarts Quidditch pitch dwindles in flames. Death Eaters mercilessly attack students with hexes and killing curses in the blazing courtyard. Stone soldiers battle giant trolls whilst fending off a huge army of bloodthirsty wizards. […]

DVD Releases: ‘The Round Up’

Rose Bosch’s The Round Up (2010) retells the story of the infamous Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup during the Second World War where over 13,000 Parisian Jews, including 4000 children, were dragged out of their homes and forced […]

DVD Review: ‘Bane’

★☆☆☆☆ Fresh off a purportedly successful festival run, James Eaves’ Bane (2009) is an unfocused, inexcusably poor horror movie that fails to raise even a single hair or goosebump throughout its tedious and overextended two hour […]

Blu-ray Review: ‘A.I. Artificial Intelligence’

★★★★★ It’s a shame to think of a legendary director as a soulless till-ringer, but ever since 2005 Steven Spielberg’s films have been nothing but disappointing moneyspinners. Throughout his entire career there have been peaks and […]

Film Review: ‘Super’

★★★★☆ First up, James Gunn’s Super (2010) is not a rip off of Kick-Ass (2010). Sure they are both films about somebody without super powers who dresses up in a silly costume and decides to fight […]

Film Review: ‘The Princess of Montpensier’

★★★★☆ Bertrand Tavernier’s The Princess of Montpensier (2010) is one of the finer examples in recent years of a good historical romp, with love affairs and sword-fights aplenty realised in an intelligent and captivating manner. Stylistically, […]

Film Review: ‘A Separation’

★★★★☆ Writer and director Asghar Fahadi’s latest film A Separation (2011) is a testament to what is wonderful about world cinema and approaches a subject universal to all. Whether you are from the East, South, North […]