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Day: 18 November 2011

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Film Review: ‘Snowtown’

★★★★☆ Daniel Henshall and Lucas Pittaway are both phenomenally assured in Justin Kurzel’s debut Snowtown (2011), an uncomfortably harrowing and gritty account of Australia’s most notorious serial killer (John Bunting) and the infamous ‘bodies in the barrels’ case which shocked the world. Sixteen-year-old Jamie (Lucas Pittaway) lives with […]

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Film Review: Justice

★★☆☆☆ After last week’s cinematic flop Trespass (2011), Nicolas Cage returns to screens this Friday to star in Roger Donaldson’s Justice (2011) (AKA Seeking Justice in the US), a film that somehow manages to set the bar even lower for Cage’s career, whilst doing no favours to co-stars […]