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Year: 2011

DVD Releases: ‘Catfish’

Catfish (2010) is unlike anything I’ve ever seen; even defining its genre proves problematic. I’d like to settle on docu-thriller, but its ever-changing tone means you don’t really know what you’re watching until the film’s conclusion. The problem with reviewing it also […]

Barbican Film: ‘Seven Samurai’

Proceeding last month’s brilliant Takeshi Kitano programme, it was typically appropriate for the Barbican to round off the Akira Kurosawa Directorspective season with a screening of the hugely popular and critically acclaimed Seven Samurai (1954).Kurosawa’s fifteenth directorial outing is a […]

Film Review: Season of the Witch

★★★☆☆ Death, plague, Nicolas Cage – what could possibly unite such an unholy trilogy. Could it be… witchcraft? Dominic Sena’s plumping for a big fat yes with his ridiculous titled effort Season of the Witch (2010) (not to be confused with […]