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Month: January 2012


DVD Review: ‘Cash’

★★★☆☆ It’s Oscar season and the film on everyone’s mind is Michel Hazanavicius’ directorial triumph The Artist (2011), starring Jean Dujardin in the lead role. The exciting buzz around Dujardin may explain the delayed DVD release date of Éric Besnard’s Cash, which originally hit […]


DVD Review: ‘Go to Blazes’

★★★☆☆ Marketed as something of a forgotten gem of British comedy by distributors StudioCanal and available for the first time ever on DVD to commemorate its 50th anniversary, Michael Truman’s Go to Blazes (1962) is a charmingly light, cheerfully petite film about a trio […]


DVD Review: ‘Sasha’

★★★★☆ There are two distinct camps (no pun intended) within the genre of gay cinema – those which cater for the physical elements and those, like Sasha (2010), which approach from an emotional angle. Starring Sasha Kekez, Tim Bergmann and Yvonne Yung Hee, the […]


DVD Review: ‘Perfect Sense’

★★★★☆ David Mackenzie is one of Britain’s most versatile and under-appreciated directors – his films are exciting, innovative and flawed, though these qualities might be somewhat linked by his wilful experimentation. Perfect Sense (2011), the filmmaker’s seventh feature, is by far his strangest and […]

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DVD Review: ‘Drive’

★★★☆☆ Much has been made of the American Academy’s apparent oversight in not fully recognising Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn’s effortlessly cool neo-noir Drive (2011) in the 2012 Oscar nominations – yet it’s easy to see why they came to such a decision. Refn’s […]

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Film Review: ‘Like Crazy’

★★★☆☆ Drake Doremus’ Like Crazy (2011) is the latest in a long line of American independent films which have recently taken a bitter-sweet approach towards romance. Up-and-coming duo Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin (with support from Jennifer Lawrence) star as a pair of hopeless romantics imprisoned by […]


Film Review: ‘The Grey’

★★★★☆ Chilling in every sense of the word, The Grey (2012) – though visually stunning – is unlikely to make you want to visit Alaska anytime soon. Starring Oscar nominee Liam Neeson, Frank Grillo and Dermot Mulroney, this thriller from director Joe Carnahan is […]