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Preview: ‘Prometheus’ trailer 2 and new viral video land online

After weeks of teasers and previews, the second full-length trailer for British director Ridley Scott’s long-awaited return to sci-fi, Prometheus (2012), has finally been released online. The new 2:32 video gives us a much clearer idea of the film’s story and its potential links to the Alien franchise, including a first-look at what appears to be the elusive Space Jockey. The film’s narrative appears to revolve around the search for humanity’s origins that, it is hypothesised, may not have started on Earth.

The trailer follows the crew of the ship ‘Prometheus’ (named after the Ancient Greek hero who stole fire – and thus life – from the gods before being cruelly punished) as they travel to an undisclosed planet in search of answers, after discovering a series of artifacts on Earth (“Not a map – an invitation” as Noomi Rapace’s character Elizabeth Shaw suggests). However, on arrival, it transpires that the hypothetical ‘master race’ may not be entirely welcoming, with the film’s tagline seemingly ringing true: ‘The Search For Our Beginning Could Lead To Our End’. The new full-length trailer can be viewed below:

Also released in conjunction with this new trailer was a viral video entitled ‘Our Family is Growing’, with a voiceover from Guy Pearce’s Weyland Industries founder Peter Weyland. The video shows how artificial lifeforms are born, and serves as a neat introduction to Michael Fassbender’s David, rumoured to be a cyborg in the main feature. One line of dialogue is featured in both trailer and viral: “Big things have small beginnings”. You can watch the new Prometheus viral below:

With an all-star, multinational ensemble cast that includes the aforementioned Fassbender and Pearce, as well as Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Logan Marshall-Green and Patrick Wilson, Prometheus could well be one sci-fi in with a chance of awards attention in 2013. Expect a few more viral videos before the film’s release on 1 June.

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is released in UK cinemas on 1 June, 2012.

Daniel Green