Preview: ‘Ghostbusters 3’ gets the green light – as a musical

After years of rumours, rewrites and false dawns, CineVue can finally reveal that the cameras will roll on the long-awaited Ghostbusters 3 in September of this year, with a Christmas 2013 release date a real possibility. Speaking earlier this week during a secretive interview at a top London hotel, writer/producer Dan Aykroyd explained, “We’re very excited. It’s been over twenty years since we wrapped on Ghostbusters 2 and ever since I’ve received thousands of letters and e-mails begging us to continue the story. It’s been a long hard road to get here, but finally I can say, Ghostbusters 3 is go.”

Firstly, we asked Aykroyd if Bill Murray had at last agreed to return as the wise-cracking Peter Venkman, and also if the stories of him tearing up the script had any foundation. “Look” said a somewhat agitated Aykroyd, “Everyone wanted Bill to return and yes, he did have issues with some of our original ideas, but we ironed out the creases and he’s now fully on board with the project and eager to slip the old Proton Pack on again”.

Eager to gather as much information as possible during our hastily arranged meeting, we asked Aykroyd if he could give us any information regarding characters and plot, and were duly astonished by his response. “I’ll be returning as Ray Stanz, but unfortunately Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson will be unable to return so we had no choice but to recast. The part of Egon Spengler will now be played by Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jnr. will play the Winston Zeddemore role”.

Aykroyd continued: “Johnny was an obvious choice for Egon, but it wasn’t until we saw Tropic Thunder that we realised Robert would be the perfect Winston”. Aykroyd was at first reluctant to reveal the story, but after some gentle persuasion we did get one final revelation out of the 59-year-old Canadian: “I wasn’t going to say anything, but here goes: It’s going to be a musical.” Of course, we were stunned by the concept, but Aykroyd wasn’t finished. “It was Bill’s idea. He said he wanted to make a musical addition to the Ghostbusters franchise, so we added some show tunes. We struck upon the idea of taking songs from old musicals and adapting them, so we have ‘I’m Gonna Wash that Slime Right outta my Hair’, ‘You’ll Never Bust Alone’, ‘Hopelessly Devoted to Ectoplasm’ and my personal favourite ‘ Luck be a Marshmallow Man Tonight’.

With that final reveal laid on the table, our time with Aykroyd was unfortunately up, leaving us dazzled, delighted and drunk on expectation. Fans may well initially turn their nose up at the musical direction, but with old guard Aykroyd and Murray, we have very high expectations.

Ghostbusters 3: The Musical is due to be released in UK cinemas in late 2013.

In case you hadn’t realised, this was an April Fool’s Day article from 01/04/2012 🙂

Lee Cassanell