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Day: 10 May 2012

Film Review: ‘Charlie Casanova’

★★☆☆☆ In his first feature film behind the lens, Terry McMahon’s role is threefold: as writer, director and producer of Charlie Casanova (2010), he delivers a narrative rife in nihilism that is devoid of any real […]

Film Review: ‘Mitsuko Delivers’

★★★☆☆ Yûya Ishii’s Mitsuko Delivers (2011) tells the story of a young single woman in the ninth month of her pregnancy who relinquishes her fate to the wind, drifting through life like a wayward cloud. Starring […]

Film Review: ‘Beloved’

★★☆☆☆ Prolific French director Christophe Honoré reunites with composer Alex Beaupain for yet another post-modern musical drama, Beloved (Les Bien-Aimés, 2011). Boasting an all-star French cast including Catherine Deneuve, Ludivine Sagnier, Chiara Mastroianni and Louis Garrel, […]

Film Review: ‘All in Good Time’

★★★☆☆ As an Olivier Award-winning British play about young Indian newly-weds that toured the globe, it was always inevitable that someone would look at Ayub Khan-Din’s Rafta, Rafta and think ‘BAFTA, BAFTA’. Enter Made in Dagenham’s […]