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Preview: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ gets third and final trailer

Clearly nonplussed with seeing Joss Whedon’s recently released Avengers Assemble and Ridley Scott’s Prometheus viral campaign steal its blockbusting thunder, Christopher Nolan’s third and final Batman outing The Dark Knight Rises (2012) seems to have caught the internet unawares by releasing its third and final trailer. Scheduled to be shown before Avengers screenings upon its US release, this new trailer is packed with new footage, some notably cleaner dialogue from Tom Hardy antagonist Bane and a decent glimpse of Anne Hathaway as the enigmatic Selina Kyle/Catwoman.

Also featured heavily in the trailer is Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s cop John Blake, who seems to have found himself in a more prominent role then we were first lead to believe. Robin rumours still persist online, although at this stage it looks more likely that Blake will function as a crucial ally-in-blue to the besieged Commissioner Gordon (with Gary Oldman naturally returning to the role).

After months of speculation following last year’s press-screened six minute prologue, it looks like Nolan may well have tinkered with Bane’s sound levels in order to give the gargantuan anarchist a deeper, clearer tone. In the trailer, it seems insinuated that he will, at one point, break the Bat, leaving Christian Bale’s crumpled Bruce Wayne to question why he has been spared; Hardy’s Bane simply replies, “Your punishment must be more severe”.

With a number of huge fight scenes and shots of the deputising Batwing making an appearance, as well as a bridge collapsing after a Bane attack, this third and final trailer for Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises clearly illustrates that Marvel Avengers Assemble’s reign as the movie comic-book king may be short-lived. That’s not to say that both films can’t live side by side, but if you’re looking for a darker, brooder mediation on heroism and life behind a mask, you’re not going to want to be anywhere other than a cinema when 20 July rolls around.

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Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises is due to hit UK cinemas on 20 July. For more info on the film, follow this link.

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