DVD Review: ‘Three Veils’

★★☆☆☆ The second feature from director Rolla Selbak, Three Veils (2011) tells the interconnected stories of three young Muslim women living in the US. The film opens with the story of Leila (Mercedes Masöhn), a young girl who finds herself in an arranged marriage with the hot-tempered Ali (Sammy Sheik). Continue Reading


DVD Review: ‘Trapeze’

★★★☆☆ This week’s Second Sight rerelease of Carol Reed’s high flying epic Trapeze (1956) is a welcome reminder of the domineering screen presence of Burt Lancaster and the Technicolor epics that dominated the box office throughout the 1950s. Destined to be confused and compared with Cecil B. DeMille’s The Greatest Continue Reading

DVD Review: ‘Pigsty’

★★★★☆ Recently rereleased alongside comedic classic Hawks and Sparrows (Uccellacci e uccellini, 1966) courtesy of Eureka’s esteemed Masters of Cinema home entertainment label, Italian filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini’s immeasurably dark satire Pigsty (Porcile, 1969) parallels two equably disturbing and disparate worlds which come together for a suitably bleak, yet ultimately Continue Reading

DVD Review: ‘Prisoners of War’

★★★★☆ Despite its unremitting action sequences and oversexed narrative, Showtime’s Homeland emerged as one of America’s high-flying seasonal exports. As the pale lips of Damian Lewis gingerly pouted at the prospect of being exposed as an Eton thesp incognito, nations relished Claire Danes’ pursuit to develop another facial expression other Continue Reading