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Day: 10 July 2012

Special Feature: Rooftop Film Club presents ‘Life is Sweet’

Pioneered last summer by a group of dedicated individuals seemingly compelled to bringing classic and cult films to unusual London spaces, the Rooftop Film Club merges wireless headsets, comfy seats and blankets, films, food and drink for an enthralling night […]

DVD Review: ‘Romeos’

★★★☆☆ German director Sabine Bernardi explores the unfamiliar with her feature directorial debut Romeos (2011), a touching if slightly tame insight into a male-to-female transgender forced to come to terms with the heartache that comes with first love. Our protagonist […]

DVD Review: ‘Trishna’

★★☆☆☆ For the third time, British director Michael Winterbottom once again attempts to breathe cinematic life into the works of 19th century author Thomas Hardy, one of the countries most beloved writers. Having previously adapted Jude The Obscure (given the […]