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Film Review: ‘Chariots of Fire’

★★★☆☆ Winner of four Academy Awards, director Hugh Hudson’s 1981 hit Chariots of Fire holds a great deal of nostalgia and charm but is best remembered for its use of slow motion and Vangelis’ memorable score. […]

Film Review: ‘The Soul of Flies’

★★☆☆☆ The Soul of Flies (2010) is a comic and at times poignant story of two brothers who have never met until their father invites them both to his funeral. Set amidst the Castilian plains of Spain, Jonathan Cenzual Burely’s whimsical […]

Film Review: ‘The Giants’

★★☆☆☆ In a week chock-full of films featuring young central leads, Belgian effort The Giants (Les géants, 2011) is probably the most derivative of the established coming-of-age format. Not without its charms, former painter-turned-director Bouli Lanners’ […]

Film Review: ‘Seeking a Friend for the End of the World’

★★☆☆☆ Both world-renowned US funny man Steve Carell and pouting British starlet Keira Knightley are tricky characters to pin down; he, with his ‘average joe’, exaggerated normalcy performances; she, with her endless period dramas and sporadic […]

Film Review: ‘Tortoise in Love’

★☆☆☆☆ Made on a shoestring budget in the sleepy Oxfordshire village of Kingston Bagpuize, and featuring an unknown cast incorporating local residents, humorist Guy Browning’s airy-fairy rom-com Tortoise in Love (2011) undoubtedly has a great deal […]