Christopher Nolan Season: ‘The Prestige’

★★★★☆ Adapting Christopher Priest’s novel concerning duelling magicians in Victorian London into 2006’s The Prestige not only allowed Chris Nolan to make his first British-set film since The Following (1998) but gave he and his brother Jonathan the chance to return to the kind of non-linear storytelling that made Memento Continue Reading


DVD Review: ‘Total Recall’

★★★★☆ With the unwelcome 2012 remake of Total Recall weeks away, StudioCanal have shrewdly decided that now is the time to rerelease the original. Before the glittering, videogame CGI which will populate Len Wiseman’s effort, there was the clunky, analogue, retro-future vision from late 1980s/early 90s staple Paul Verhoeven, a Continue Reading