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Day: 7 August 2012


DVD Review: ‘The Assault’

★★☆☆☆ Julien Leclercq’s The Assault (2010) documents the hijacking of Air France, Flight 8969, bound for Paris on Christmas Eve of 1994. Sadly, in its attempt to deliver a serious film about the harrowing events of that day, it unfortunately manages to lose itself […]

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Blu-ray Review: ‘Orlando’

★★★☆☆ Released on Blu-ray for the very first time courtesy of UK distributor Artificial Eye, Sally Potter’s lavish 1992 adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s century-spanning novel Orlando marked the arrival of British actress Tilda Swinton onto the international stage. Despite missing out on individual Oscar […]

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DVD Review: ‘Eroica’

★★★★☆ Set during the Second World War, Andrzej Munk’s Eroica (1958) is a classic slice of subversive Polish cinema, a dark satire which deconstructs the romantic notions of heroism surrounding the 1944 uprising. Divided into two parts (initially three had been planned) and referencing […]