Sponsored Video: Introducing Sky Movies 007 HD

With this week’s announcement of British singing sensation Adele’s theme tune to the twenty-third Bond film Skyfall (2012) having taken the web by storm, Britain’s love for the suave MI6 lady (and bad guy) killer seems stronger than ever. The movie itself, which stars the dashing Daniel Craig in a Continue Reading


Film Review: ‘Taken 2’

★★☆☆☆ Pierre Morel’s original ‘old-man-kicking-ass’ flick Taken (2008) heralded the reinvention of Liam Neeson as the man we all wished was our dad. Sadly, its inevitable sequel Taken 2 (2012), sloppily assembled at the hands of the ludicrously-monikered Olivier Megaton, dilutes virtually everything that made the first film work against Continue Reading