DVD Review: ‘Don Giovanni (Juan)’

★★★☆☆ A word to the wise – this contemporary visualisation of Mozart’s famous opera is unlike any version you are likely to have seen before. In fact it’s unlike anything you are likely to have seen before, period. The debut feature film from Kasper Holten (Director of Opera at London’s Continue Reading


DVD Review: ‘Hell is a City’

★★★★☆ Hell is a City (1960) is somewhat of a novelty – a Hammer production which isn’t a horror film and features none of the studio’s regulars in major roles. Developed from Maurice Procter’s novel by legendary director Val Guest, the film stars 1960s household names Stanley Baker, Donald Pleasance Continue Reading

DVD Review: ‘Petty Romance’

★★★★☆ Kim Joung-hoon’s Petty Romance (2010), while the synopsis would suggest a genre-bending adventure in fan-fiction, is in fact a fine, if somewhat by the numbers, example of South Korean romantic comedy. The central development of the relationship is a believable one, with the touches of broad comedy set pieces Continue Reading

DVD Review: ‘Beauty’

★★☆☆☆ The new South African drama by director Oliver Hermanus, starring Deon Lotz, Charlie Keegan and Michelle Scott, is attractive in name only. The reality of Beauty (Skoonheid, 2011) is a sordid and depressing tale, which only serves to reinforce stereotypically held views about the gay community, and those unable Continue Reading