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Day: 7 November 2012

#Patrick Gamble #Reviews

Film Review: ‘Grassroots’

★★☆☆☆ Starring the American Pie franchise’s Jason Biggs and Joel David Moore, director Stephen Gyllenhaal’s Grassroots (2012) is a politically charged, buddy movie adaptation of Phil Campbell’s semi-biographical novel Zioncheck for Presidents: A True Story of Idealism and Madness in American Politics. In 2001, […]

#Patrick Gamble #Reviews

Film Review: ‘Argo’

★★★★☆ Ben Affleck continues his remarkable rise to prominence as one of America’s brightest young directors with Argo (2012), a nerve-wrenching, exemplary example of the type of engrossing thrillers we should really be expecting more of from Hollywood. Based on the true story of […]