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Day: 14 November 2012


Film Review: ‘Hit So Hard’

★★★☆☆ It’s hardly surprising that anyone performing alongside Courtney Love for the best part of a decade should become accustomed to taking a back-seat when it comes to stealing the headlines. Yet it’s (finally) Hole drummer Patty Schemel that takes centre stage in P. David Ebersole’s Hit So […]


Film Review: ‘Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet’

★★★★☆ The adjectives ‘tragic’, ‘powerful’ and ‘heart-breaking’ don’t really do justice to Jesse Vile’s Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet (2012), a documentary about the life (to-date) of titular guitar-virtuoso, Jason Becker. Vile’s film invokes far more than just sympathetic sentiment, with it’s truly inspirational story of the tragedy […]

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Film Review: ‘The Master’

★★★★★ After a five year hiatus (following 2007’s oily Oscar winner There Will Be Blood), idolised American filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson returns this year with The Master (2012), a truly miraculous anachronism that consistently appears to defy both time and conventional cinematic logic. A supremely orchestrated, Kane-like odyssey, […]

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Film Review: ‘Amour’

★★★★★ Rewarding renowned Austrian director Michael Haneke with his second Palme d’Or within three years, Amour (2012) is arguably the auteur’s magnum opus – a stripped down, yet profoundly effecting portrayal of love that hits you like an unexpected tear, rolling down your cheek with the weight of […]