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Month: February 2013

Film Review: ‘No’

★★★★☆ Completing Chilean director Pablo Larraín’s eclectic trilogy in style comes No (2012), a sophisticated, surprisingly humorous exploration of the opposition media campaign that ultimately brought an end to the country’s damaging dictatorship. Featuring an impressive lead performance from pint-sized […]

DVD Review: ‘Manborg’

★★★★★ Filmed entirely in a garage over the course of a year, with a production budget of $1000 and two years of post-production, Steven Kostanski’s retro sci-fi Manborg (2011) is a titanic achievement of fun, a riotous adventure through a […]

DVD Review: ‘Chained’

★★☆☆☆ Following on from the deeply baffling, divisive psycho-thriller Surveillance (2008), a film that somewhat managed to eradicate the memory of her previous directorial failures, Jennifer Lynch (daughter of esteemed cinematic surrealist David) returns to her thematic bread and butter […]

DVD Review: ‘Black Sunday’

★★★★☆ Often credited as the man who started the golden age of Italian horror, Mario Bava created works that managed to be hypnotically beautiful as well as uncompromisingly brutal. Black Sunday (1960), Bava’s directorial debut, set the standard for gothic […]