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Month: March 2013

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Film Review: ‘Trance’

★★★☆☆ Having transfixed global audiences last summer with his Brunel-led London Olympics opening ceremony, it’s evolution not revolution for industrious director Danny Boyle with his latest film, the psychological head-spinner Trance (2013). His inaugural collaboration with potential McGregor-successor James McAvoy – as well as […]


DocHouse Presents: One Mile Away review

★★★★☆ Penny Woolcock’s One Mile Away (2012) was the first documentary ever to be awarded the Michael Powell Award at the Edinburgh International Film Festival back in 2012 – and it’s easy to see why. Woolcock hired a host of non-actors from Birmingham, including […]

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Film Review: ‘In the House’

★★★☆☆ The refined, if slightly aloof new offering from French director François Ozon, In the House (Dans la maison, 2012) initially impresses thanks to its central triumvirate and jigsaw-style narrative, before petering out disappointingly as it approaches its convoluted conclusion. Fabrice Luchini, Ernst Umhauer […]


Film Review: ‘Good Vibrations’

★★★☆☆ Have you ever wondered what you might come up with if you dared to blend 1980’s thriller The Long Good Friday with High Fidelity (2000)? You probably haven’t, but rest assured that Good Vibrations (2012) would almost certainly be the result. Lisa Barros […]


Film Review: ‘We Went to War’

★★★★☆ The final film of celebrated British documentarian Michael Grigsby, who tragically passed away on 12 March of this year, We Went to War (2013) revisits the Vietnam veterans whom he interviewed over forty years ago in I Was a Soldier (1970). Considered to […]

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DVD Review: ‘Baise-moi’

★☆☆☆☆ Infamous for its scenes of graphic real sex juxtaposed with acts of brutal violence (the latter thankfully simulated), Virginie Despentes and Coralie Trinh Thi’s Baise-moi (2000) is released this week on DVD in its original uncut form, courtesy of cult film specialists Arrow […]

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DVD Review: ‘Thale’

★★★☆☆ An opening shot of a cassette-recorder playing and the screams of a woman give an instant suggestion that Aleksander Nordaas’ sophomore feature, Thale (2012), will be venturing into the territory of torture porn. Much like fellow Norwegian creature-feature Trollhunter (Trolljegeren, 2010), however, it […]