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Day: 21 March 2013

Film Review: ‘Reality’

★★★★☆ Reality (2012), the new film from Palme d’Or-winning director Matteo Garrone, starts with the most flagrant unreality. Taking his cue from Fellini, Garrone and cinematographer Marco Onorato establish the irony of the title with an opening shot that descends […]

Film Review: ‘Reincarnated’

★★★☆☆ As far as US rapper Snoop Dogg (now ‘Snoop Lion’) is concerned, he’s in reassuring hands throughout new doc Reincarnated (2012) – a righteous Rastafarian riding on an overbearing wave of hallucinogenic happiness in the heart of Jamaica. Dogg’s […]

Film Review: ‘Post Tenebras Lux’

★★★☆☆ Divisive director Carlos Reygadas returns to UK cinemas this week with Post Tenebras Lux (2012), yet another opaque experiment that utilises his distinctive style of aesthetic subterfuge to once again baffle and amaze audiences in equal measure. Attempting to […]