Blu-ray Review: ‘Le Beau Serge’, ‘Les Cousins’

★★★★★ Jean Baudrillard once said, when evaluating today’s zeitgeist, “All that remains is the fascination for desert-like and indifferent forms, for the very operation of the system that annihilates us.” His position asserts that we have lost something in the modern age; our ability to be original, radical and provocative Continue Reading


DVD Review: ‘Dead End Drive-In’

★★★☆☆ Resembling a neon-drenched, coming-of-age version of Mad Max (1979), Brian Trenchard-Smith’s Dead End Drive-In (1986) has all the familiar Ozploitation trappings. There’s gratuitous nudity, sporadic bursts of violence and some truly outrageous stunt work (including the most astounding car jump ever committed to film). Yet, amongst all, it’s also Continue Reading

Blu-ray Review: ‘Army of Shadows’

★★★☆☆ The latest addition to the StudioCanal Collection sees the Blu-ray premiere of director Jean-Pierre Melville’s controversial World War II drama Army of Shadows (L’armée des ombres, 1969), starring Lino Ventura and Simone Signoret. Philippe Gerbier (Ventura) is the head of a small French resistance group. Along with his comrades, Continue Reading

Blu-ray Review: ‘Scanners’

★★★★☆ Released on Blu-ray for the first time this week courtesy of Second Sight Films (in a stylish steelbook package, no less), David Cronenberg’s cult thriller Scanners (1981) is a near-prefect distillation of the Canadian director’s key preoccupations with psychoanalytics and transmogrification. Stephen Lack stars as protagonist Cameron Vale, a Continue Reading