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Month: May 2013

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#John Bleasdale

Cannes 2013: ‘Heli’ review

★★★★☆ Heli (Armando Espitia), the protagonist of Amat Escalante’s 2013 Palme d’Or nominee of the same name, is a young Mexican who lives with his father, his son, his young wife (Linda Gonzalez) and 12-year-old sister, Estella (Andrea Vergara). He’s […]

3 minute read

Film Review: ‘Something in the Air’

★★☆☆☆ “Vive la révolution!” No single culture betters leftist subculture than the aged liberals of France. Many would refer to it all as misguided historic romanticism. But there are those like Olivier Assayas where their movies echo an intrinsic disconnection […]