Ben Nicholson

Preview: Apocalypic first trailer for ‘The World’s End’

Back in 2004, when zom-rom-com Shaun of the Dead first hit UK cinema screens, little could its trio of lead collaborators have known just how successful it would go on to be. Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost followed their North London-set zombie farce up with Hot Fuzz (2007), a bullet-strewn ode to the buddy cop movie set in a quiet, rural Gloucestershire village. Wright, Pegg and Frost now complete their loose ‘Cornetto trilogy’ by taking on the science fiction genre in The World’s End (2013) – which received its first online teaser trailer today – centring upon on five childhood friends; Gary King (Pegg), Andy (Frost), Oliver (Martin Freeman), Steven (Paddy Considine) and Peter (Eddie Marsan).

When they were youngsters they attempted a pub crawl around the small town of Newton Haven hoping to take in twelve pubs and twelve pints. On that night they never made it to the final pub, ‘The World’s End’, but Gary is now intent on getting the gang back together to give the crawl another go.The five friends have clearly changed during the intervening years but perhaps not as much as the inhabitants of the town. “We’re here to get annihilated,” confirms Gary as a town resident stares at the group somewhat more ominously than one might expect to be, even as an outsider in an unfamiliar place.

By the time Reece Shearsmith shows up as one of the local people, you can be pretty certain that Newton Haven is no longer the venue of a welcoming night out with the lads. That’s before the populace start to go all Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978). With a wealth of acting talent making up the central cast and further support from the likes of Rosamund Pike and David Bradley (and one would expect further cameos), the film looks like a lot of fun.

Clearly, The World’s End will look to continue with the traditions of tone and humour established in the first two ‘Cornettos’, so should not disappoint those eagerly anticipating the final outing. Although the action in the trailer passes by in a flash, it all appears very stylish which would be no surprise given Wright’s continued evolution as a fine genre director. Fans won’t have long to wait to see the picture in full, with The World’s End beaming into UK cinemas in a couple of months.

Edgar Wright’s The World’s End is released in UK cinemas on 19 July, 2013.

Ben Nicholson