Film Review: ‘2 Guns’

★★★☆☆ In what’s been a difficult year for summer blockbusters, it seems Hollywood is returning to the venerable set up of the good ol’ buddy cop comedy for cheap thrills and fast bucks; firstly with Paul Feig’s The Heat, which opened last week, and now 2 Guns (2013) – a Continue Reading


Film Review: ‘Kuma’

★★★★☆ De Sévigné once wrote “We cannot destroy kindred…” This rather ominous proverb continues to denote “…our chains stretch a little sometimes.” Yet, Kurdish-Austrian director Umut Dağ’s debut drama, Kuma (2012), heaves and jerks at Sévigné’s aphorism to the brink of obliteration. Shot with the tautness of Cristian Mungiu and Continue Reading