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Year: 2013

Film Review: ‘Repulsion’

★★★★★ Re-released as part of the Roman Polanski retrospective at BFI Southbank in London, Repulsion (1965) ranks among the director’s best work. It’s an expertly crafted masterpiece, finding a genuine sense of horror in the domestic and the mundane. Time has […]

Film Review: ‘Quartet’

★★★★☆ Quartet (2012), the first turn at directing by Hollywood icon Dustin Hoffman, is a film which requires little effort – either from those taking part or from the viewer. That’s not intended to be derogatory, indeed quite the opposite, […]

DVD Review: ‘Dark Nature’

★★☆☆☆ Dark Nature (2009), the directorial feature debut from BAFTA-winning writer Marc de Launay, promises much but ultimately fails to deliver on its lofty ambitions. This Scottish slash fest – starring a cast of virtual unknowns including Len McCaffer, Imogen […]