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Day: 14 January 2014

DVD Review: ‘You’re Next’

★★★☆☆ Adam Wingard assembles mumblecore luminaries for one last soirée in You’re Next (2011). Though bursting with shocks and gore, this shrewd yet conceptually benign home invasion horror does struggle at times to traverse the derivative nature of the genre […]

DVD Review: ‘Winter of Discontent’

★★☆☆☆ Given a somewhat ill-timed release last year by world cinema distributor New Wave Films, Ibrahim El-Batout’s Winter of Discontent (2012) is a passionate, if tonally muddled take on the anti-Mubarak Egyptian uprising of 2011. With Mubarak now released from […]

DVD Review: ‘Riddick’

★★★☆☆ The return of interplanetary badass Richard B. Riddick may well have come as a surprise to anyone who saw 2004’s sluggish sequel The Chronicles of Riddick and witnessed its subsequent below-par performance at the box office. Undeterred, franchise star […]

DVD Review: ‘Promised Land’

★★★★☆ Given the seasonal vagaries of critical favour and the fickle nature of theatrical distribution, it would be a futile exercise to spend time second guessing why Gus Van Sant’s The Promised Land (2012) failed to make the impression it […]