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Day: 9 June 2014

DVD Review: ‘RoboCop’

★★☆☆☆ In a modern world increasingly dependent on technology, you’d think a remake of Paul Verhoeven’s RoboCop (2014) wouldn’t necessitate the same near-future landscape of its predecessor. Surely in an age where drone warfare is legally […]

DVD Review: ‘The Past’

★★★★☆ Following on from the success of the Oscar-winning A Separation (2011), Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi returns with the equally raw The Past (2013). Continuing his study of realistic circumstances that threaten to disrupt intricately constructed […]

DVD Review: ‘Monuments Men’

★★☆☆☆ Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney clambers back into the director’s chair for the fifth time with Second World War comedy caper, The Monuments Men (2014). Heading up yet another ensemble cast, including Cate Blanchett, The Artist’s […]

DVD Review: ‘Cuban Fury’

★★☆☆☆ Based on an original idea from leading actor Nick Frost and written by British sitcom stalwart Jon Brown, James Griffiths’ feature filmmaking debut Cuban Fury (2014) sees Frost transcending his Cornetto Trilogy compadres and going […]

Sheffield Doc/Fest 2014: ‘Last Hijack’ review

★★★☆☆ In a world where abstract emotions like fear and terror have been distorted to mobilise society against an invisible foe, pirates have become the latest bogeymen of Western cinema. In Tommy Pallotta and Femke Wolting’s […]

Sheffield Doc/Fest 2014: ‘Finding Fela’ review

★★★★☆ Whilst drumming up support for his new Broadway musical, FELA!, producer Stephen Hendel described Nigerian Afrobeat exponent Fela Kuti as “without question one of the great composers and musicians and activists of the second half […]

Sheffield Doc/Fest 2014: ‘Concerning Violence’ review

★★★★★ Illustrating the provocative and combative concepts of Martinique-born Afro-French psychiatrist and philosopher Frantz Fanon’s anti-colonial text The Wretched of the Earth, Göran Hugo Olsson’s Concerning Violence (2014) aims to explore Africa’s subjugated past in hope […]

Sheffield Doc/Fest 2014: ‘The 50 Year Argument’ review

★★★☆☆ Martin Scorsese and editor turned co-director David Tedeschi pay homage to a 20th century American institution in The New York Review of Books: A 50 Year Argument (2014). Their third documentary together following 2005’s No […]