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Day: 11 March 2015

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Film Review: ‘Suite Française’

★★★★☆ Saul Dibb’s film adaptation of Suite Française (2014) dramatically compresses the many strands of Irène Némirovsky’s incomplete World War II novel, discovered by her daughter after her death and published to great acclaim in 2004. Némirovsky intended to write five parts dealing with the tumult of war but only completed two novellas […]


Film Review: ‘My Name Is Salt’

★★★★☆ Upon viewing Farida Pacha’s quietly lyrical and earth-bound documentary My Name Is Salt (2013), the comparison to Jean-François Millet’s painting The Gleaners springs to mind. Both depict farmers or peasants, combing the land for its natural goods. Both extol the virtue and necessity of breaking one’s back in order to acquire even […]


Film Review: ‘High Tide’

★★★☆☆ Sometimes it’s the most quiet, unassuming sorts of films that shed light onto the darkest of topics. The modern independent film is fertile land to sow these sorts of stories, the ones that tend to sneak up on the viewer. In High Tide (2015), the plot follows a mother and son on […]