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Month: July 2015

DVD Review: ‘Hyena’

★★★★☆ From the moody opening – a beautifully orchestrated slow-motion (and mostly silent) attack on a neon-lit nightclub – it’s immediately clear that Hyena (2014) is a film which is reaching for something outside of the usual overcooked efforts from […]

DVD Review: ‘Focus’

★★☆☆☆ Lo and behold: Hollywood has produced the death knell in the slicker-than-a-baby-seal Focus (2015). It’s a good-looking genre piece, but the only con this film manages to pull off successfully in its 105-minute runtime is allowing the audience to […]

KVIFF 2015: Our festival highlights

Karlovy Vary is the festival scene’s best kept secret. The Czech festival may not enjoy the same cachet as Berlin, Locarno or even non-competitive festivals like London, but the consistently adventurous programming it’s celebrated for in addition to its rich retrospectives and extensive industry forums have cemented its position as Eastern Europe’s biggest cinematic event.