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Day: 17 August 2015

DVD Review: ‘The Knick’

★★★★☆ Adding fuel to the long-running argument that quality television is overtaking and even overriding the contemporary cinematic landscape is The Knick (2014), whose first season establishes itself as the kind of expansive serial storytelling the likes of which, indeed, […]

DVD Review: ‘The Duff’

★★★☆☆ Teen comedies have been responsible for a whole glossary of fictional slang, much of which has made its way into the real life teenage lexicon. Clueless (1996) introduced a world of ‘Baldwins’ and ‘Bettys’, while American Pie (1999) bestowed […]

Blu-ray Review: ‘Chaplin Collection: Vol. 1’

★★★★★ The maturation of Charlie Chaplin’s genius both as a comic actor and film director can be appreciated in three DVD and Blu-ray releases from Curzon Artificial Eye, each film a masterpiece in cinematic hilarity. Having already earned himself a […]