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Day: 11 September 2015

Venice 2015: ‘Behemoth’ review

★★★★☆ China is the largest coal consumer in the world. The electricity derived from the coal-fuelled power stations drives the huge economic growth of the past decades. At the current rate of consumption it looks unlikely that the coalfields, which […]

Interview: Radu Muntean, dir. One Floor Below

Radu Muntean has spent the last 13 years making films that examine the stranger undercurrents in Romanian society, particularly the way in which ordinary people react in extraordinary situations. He’s regarded as having been one of the leading lights of […]

Toronto 2015: ‘One Floor Below’ review

★★★☆☆ The subject of guilt is one that cinema often returns to for its potential to be expressed in inventive and thought-provoking ways. In Radu Muntean’s pared-down and naturalistic One Floor Below (2015), he and co-screenwriters Alexandru Baciu and Razvan […]

Toronto 2015: ‘A Tale of Love and Darkness’ review

★★★☆☆ Tackling the period surrounding the British Mandate for Palestine and the subsequent formation of the State of Israeli is a very brave choice for a directorial debut. With A Tale of Love and Darkness (2015), Natalie Portman has not […]