DVD Review: How to Change the World

★★★★☆ “If you wait for the meek to inherit the Earth, there won’t be any Earth left for them to inherit,” says Bob Hunter towards the close of Jerry Rothwell’s entertaining and inspiring documentary How to Change the World. Hunter was a journalist for the Vancouver Sun when he decided Continue Reading


DVD Review: Hana-Bi

★★★★☆ Perhaps best known in the UK for his game show Takeshi’s Castle, actor-director ‘Beat’ Takeshi Kitano is as enigmatic and multi-talented an artist as he is a prolific filmmaker. In the first of three Blu-ray releases this year, Third Window films brings us Kitano’s Hana-Bi (1997), a beautiful and Continue Reading

DVD Review: 45 Years

★★★★☆ One of the most bizarre omissions from last week’s Bafta nominations was that Charlotte Rampling did not receive a nod for her heart-breaking turn in Andrew Haigh’s superlative British drama, 45 Years (2015). She and Tom Courtenay appear as a couple approaching their belated 40th wedding anniversary party, suddenly Continue Reading