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Day: 11 April 2016

DVD Review: Three Days of the Condor

★★★★☆ Remember a time when the espionage film wasn’t required to move at breakneck speed or involve the protagonist performing death-dying leaps around rooftops and engaging in high-octane car chases? Watching the opening credits of Three Days of the Condor […]

DVD Review: The Merchant of Four Seasons

★★★★☆ Producing more work in his short fifteen-year career than most directors do in a lifetime, German director Rainer Werner Fassbinder is emblematic of the New German Cinema movement, and remains a powerful voice of avant-garde European cinema. In the […]

DVD Review: Bride of Re-Animator

★★☆☆☆ Much like the sequel spawned from Evil Dead, a similarly cherished 80s horror, this follow-up to Stuart Gordon’s 1985 bona fide cult classic Re-Animator (it’s jokingly referenced by a stoned Kevin Spacey in American Beauty) isn’t so much a […]