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Day: 23 August 2016

Interview: Patricio Guzmán, dir. The Pearl Button

There’s a metamorphosis during Patricio Guzmán’s breathtaking documentary The Pearl Button that somewhat echoes the one that has occurred in his recent career. He started out in cinema vérité he tells me when we meet to […]

Interview: Miguel Gomes, dir. Arabian Nights

Following the widespread acclaim of his monochrome 2012 feature Tabu, Miguel Gomes ups the stakes with six-hour three volume epic Arabian Nights. An extraordinarily ambitious and eclectic work, it combines the mythology of Scheherazade’s tales with […]

Feature: Buster Keaton 1917-1923

“This fellow Keaton seems to be the whole show.” So says Buster on a visit to the titular playhouse in a 1921 short where the stony-faced actor-director appears simultaneously as spectator, conductor, performer and musician on […]