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Day: 26 September 2016

#Ben Nicholson

DVD Review: Love & Friendship

★★★★☆ It’s hardly surprising that the wit of Jane Austen’s writing is often overlooked when it’s transposed onto the screen. It’s not so much that adaptations actively avoid it as much as neglect to emphasise the regular disharmony between what characters are saying and what they really think in favour of the BBC […]

#Christopher Machell

Criterion Review: Cat People

★★★★★ Hollywood producer Val Lewton was known for taking B-grade movie concepts handed to him by studio executives and elevating them to become more than the sum of their parts. Being both a taut psychological melodrama and highly effective chiller, Cat People is arguably Lewton’s best known and most lauded film. Its masterstroke […]

#Christopher Machell

DVD Review: Slugs

★★★☆☆ While Juan Piqeur Simón’s 1988 infestation horror Slugs can hardly stand up to the broad appeal of the similarly-themed Arachnophobia, Critters or Tremors, its doubling down on the splatter factor ensures the film’s place in the pantheon of B-grade creature features. With a barely-functional script that recycles virtually every cliche in the […]