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Year: 2016

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Film Review: Sully

★★★☆☆ 15 January 2009. Disbelieving eyes look skyward from apartments and offices in horror as US Airways flight 1549 careens dangerously close to Manhattan rooftops before pitching into the Hudson River. The key to Sully‘s edge-of-your-seat success – and successful it […]

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Film Review: Moana

★★★★☆ In 2013, Disney’s phenomenally successful Frozen marked a turning point for the House of Mouse in the handling of their trademark princess characters. The film’s lauded ‘true love’ reveal was a re-defining moment and their newest sure-fire hit, Moana, […]

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DVD Review: Tickled

★★★☆☆ It’s unlikely you’re going to come across too many documentaries this year with a yarn to spin as tangled and twisted as Tickled. Following the investigations of New Zealand pop culture journalist David Farrier, it is essentially an expose […]