Feature: Colossal, love and other monsters

When there’s a monster on the loose, all manner of behaviour becomes reasonable. You can check under the bed each night, commandeer a vehicle or wield firearms: a state of emergency demands different rules. Such is the pleasing, unlawful logic of a creature feature.This is why Colossal, from Nacho Vigalondo, Continue Reading


Film Review: Spaceship

★★★★☆ Alex Taylor’s Spaceship makes no bones about its American arthouse influences. In transporting the acclaimed pairs’ teenage wasteland visions of America to Aldershot, Taylor’s creative gambit could have been a move fraught with the perils of imitation.Yet there is imagination and poetry all its own making, in Spaceship. It’s Continue Reading

Film Review: Colossal

★★★☆☆ Some films manage to generate a sense of grandeur on a shoestring budget, whilst others somehow feel like indie flicks no matter how much money is thrown at them. In the case of Nacho Vigalondo’s Colossal, there’s a strange mix of both post-viewing impressions.Colossal is one part indie slacker Continue Reading