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Day: 22 June 2017

Edinburgh 2017: Goodbye Berlin review

★★★☆☆ Adapted from the best-selling novel Why We Took the Car, Goodbye Berlin is a quirky German coming-of-age comedy that’s funny if a bit formulaic. Maik (Tristan Gobel) is a disconnected teen; his mother is an alcoholic, his father isn’t […]

Edinburgh 2017: God’s Own Country review

★★★★☆ Francis Lee’s God’s Own Country, a poignant gay romance about self-discovery in rural West Yorkshire, has been labelled a Brokeback Mountain on the Dales. It’s an understandable analogy, but it does understate the brilliance of Lee’s vivid depiction of […]

Film Review: Glory

★★★★☆ What would you do if you discovered a pile of cash and there was no one watching? In a consumer-driven society, it’s fair to assume most people would pocket the money and run, but not Tzanko (Denolyubov), the hero […]

Edinburgh 2017: Programme highlights

Doors to the Edinburgh International Film Festival reopened tonight with the UK premiere of acclaimed coming-of-age drama God’s Own Country. The festival, now in its 71st year, closes with the World premiere of unofficial Morrissey biopic England Is Mine.Films set […]

Film Review: The Seasons in Quincy

★★★☆☆ The late art critic and writer John Berger and actress Tilda Swinton share the same birthday: 5 November. They also share the experience of growing up with fathers wounded in war: Berger’s psychologically and Swinton’s with the loss of […]