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Day: 21 August 2017

DVD Review: Risk

★★★★☆ It’s always instructive to compare a director’s latest film with their previous efforts, and this is certainly the case with Laura Poitras’ Risk. Her first feature since 2014’s Citizenfour, the differences between the two are in this case more telling than the similarities.While both documentaries rely on unparalleled access to people (Julian Assange and Edward Snowden) who have […]

DVD Review: My Beautiful Laundrette

★★★★☆ An Asian gentleman boisterously raising a glass to “this damn country, which we love and hate” perfectly encapsulates the conflicted nature of the immigrant experience in Stephen Frears’ wry take on capitalist-era London through the prism of first generation British Pakistanis.The third feature from the hugely prolific Frears (and the first of Working Title’s increasingly iconic production slate), […]

Criterion Review: Lord of the Flies

★★★★☆ William Golding’s tale of public schoolboys stranded on a desert island is an iconic depiction of fundamental savagery. More than fifty years on, Peter Brook’s 1963 Lord of the Flies remains the definitive film, its hallucinogenic brutality as terrifying as ever. The film opens with schoolboy Ralph (James Aubrey), moving through the forest of an island he and […]

DVD Review: Jacques Becker Restored

★★★★★ Often relegated to the shadow of his friend and mentor Jean Renoir, and never attributed with the same influence as Truffaut, Godard and the other Nouvelle Vague critics-turned-directors, Jacques Becker remains a largely hidden, or at least underappreciated, gem of French cinema. StudioCanal’s stellar four-disc selection shines a welcome light on the versatile, humanist, character-driven filmmaker. He demonstrated […]