Toronto 2017: Jane review

★★★★☆ When now-renowned primatologist Jane Goodall went to Tanzania to study chimpanzees, she had no scientific qualifications or formal training. Armed with a passion for nature and her tenacity, she changed the way our closest cousins are understood by science.Brett Morgan’s Jane blends hundreds of hours of archival footage with Continue Reading


Film Review: My Pure Land

★★★★☆ Offering a rarely-seen perspective on Pakistan – particularly in the West – Sarmad Masud’s My Pure Land could be described as a ‘feminist western’, but it is richer and deeper, both politically and psychologically, than the genre usually allows.Based on a true story, teenager Nazo Dharejo (Suhaee Abro), alongside Continue Reading

Film Review: Mother!

★★★★★ Requiem for a Dream and Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky returns to cinema screens with Mother!, an utterly insane film starring Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem, which begins as a haunted house tale before transforming into an allegorical journey.Aronofsky has always been a filmmaker who has lived on the Continue Reading