Day: 23 February 2018

  • Berlin 2018: Yardie review

    ★★★☆☆ Hackney-born actor, DJ and now filmmaker Idris Elba makes his directorial debut with Yardie, a Caribbean twist on the well-worn conventions of the British gangster movie, based on the book by Victor Headley. The film follows a Jamaican drug courier called D (Aml Ameen) who leaves the gang violence of Kingston, Jamaica only to…

    Berlin 2018: Yardie review
  • Berlin 2018: What Comes Around review

    2 minutes



    ★★★★☆ While Middle Eastern cinema seems to be having a fresh resurgence of late, films that shine a light on ordinary people in these countries remain few and far between. With an industry all but decimated by years of political and religious unrest in the area, many fans of Arab cinema have had to content…

    Berlin 2018: What Comes Around review
  • What odds of a sequel?

    4 minutes



    Who doesn’t love a good standalone film? But have you ever watched a cult classic and secretly wished, “I want more”? You get so engrossed in a storyline, feel such a connection to the characters and just like that it’s over – with some never returning to the screen again, despite the clamouring of fans.…

    What odds of a sequel?
  • Film Review: Madeline’s Madeline

    ★★★★☆ Acclaimed independent filmmaker Josephine Decker (Butter on the Latch, Thou Wast Mild and Lovely) returns to UK cinemas with Madeline’s Madeline, a visionary study of the analogy between creativity and insanity. Acting requires pulling oneself inside-out psychologically and blurring the lines between personal and imagined experiences. It’s something Madeline (Helena Howard), the young biracial…

    Film Review: Madeline’s Madeline

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