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Day: 2 June 2018

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Film Review: Skate Kitchen

★★★★☆ A young skateboarder discovers her tribe and falls into the intricacies of young adult friendship in Skate Kitchen, the first narrative film from filmmaker Crystal Moselle, known for her documentary work The Wolfpack. Moselle’s film captures a unique insight […]

3 minute read
#Caitlin Quinlan #Reviews

Film Review: Hereditary

★★★★★ Australian actress Toni Collette is outstanding in the deeply unsettling and frankly terrifying Hereditary, the latest feature on A24’s roster (released through Entertainment Film here in the UK on 15 June) and the latest classic of the horror genre. […]

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Film Review: Book Club

★★★★☆ Four older women, bonded by the passage of time and extremely expensive interior design, meet for a monthly book club. Their world is turned upside down when Fifty Shades of Grey is chosen for the group. This sounds like […]