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Day: 2 August 2018

Film Review: The Producers

★★★★☆ Two schnooks decide to produce a play that’s bound to fail as a way of fleecing their investors. Such is the premise for Mel Brooks’ 1967 debut film The Producers, as broad as Broadway and cheerfully, life-affirmingly tasteless and […]

Film Review: Maurice

★★★★☆ In a post-Call Me By Your Name world where the LGBT community has seen a film boom according to Vulture, cinematic representations of varying sexualities or genders are currently embraced by critics, audiences and the box office alike. Working […]

Film Review: The Escape

★★★★☆ The Escape is an emotional exploration of a fractured marriage, but something much darker is at its core: depression and an existential crisis. Gemma Arterton is magnificent as Tara, the stay-at-home mother juggling never-ending laundry loads and repetitive breakfast […]

Locarno 2018: Our picks of the festival

One of the oldest European film festivals, Locarno celebrates its 71st edition with a vibrant programme of new films featuring 13 world premieres. Artistic director Carlo Chatrain curates his final festival before moving on to take over the reins of […]

Criterion Review: King of Jazz

★★★☆☆ Costing a pricey-for-the-time $2 million, John Murray Anderson’s 1930 film was a Technicolor extravaganza but an almighty flop on release. Like a live-action, jazz precursor to Disney’s Fantasia, King of Jazz forgoes narrative in favour of big-screen spectacle and […]