Film Review: Us

★★★★★ Hot from 2017 hit Get Out, comedian-turned-director Jordan Peele is back in the horror playhouse, confirming his preternatural, studied mastery of the genre. Forget the presumptive denial of terms of “elevated” and “post-horror” – Us is a true genre flick, polished to a fine degree, a pure distillation of the essence of Continue Reading


Michael B. Jordan’s top five roles

Michael B. Jordan already has an impressive resume as an actor. Between his acting chops, dashing good looks, and impressive physique, Hollywood is creating more and more impressive storylines for Jordan characters, and we’re not complaining. Here are our picks for Jordan’s top five roles, brought to you by Reklist: Continue Reading

How late is too late for Indy 5?

Indiana Jones was, is and forever shall be the most famous archaeologist in the world. He may not be a superhero, but much like Bruce Wayne masquerades as Batman, mild-mannered lecturer and professor Indiana Jones has a secret second life, where he swings across ravines with a whip, and fights Continue Reading