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How late is too late for Indy 5?

Indiana Jones was, is and forever shall be the most famous archaeologist in the world. He may not be a superhero, but much like Bruce Wayne masquerades as Batman, mild-mannered lecturer and professor Indiana Jones has a secret second life, […]

Film Review: Ray & Liz

★★★★★ Depicting British working class on film typically endures a mixed cinematic representation. Amongst illustrating life north of Watford as a poverty-ridden fuelled existence of nothingness, these inaccurate portrayals only serve to create a London centric approach to not only […]

Film Review: Foxtrot

★★★★☆ Israeli filmmaker Samuel Maoz’s heart-rending family drama Foxtrot, starring Lior Ashkenazi, Sarah Adler and Yontan Shiray, explores the futility of war, love and loss. An ambitious melding of three distinctive parts, it opens with a middle-aged couple receiving devastating news. […]