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Month: June 2019

Edinburgh 2019: Schemers review

★★★☆☆ Filmed in and around Scotland’s fourth largest city Dundee, Schemers – receiving its World Premiere at this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival – makes up for in rough-and-ready charm what it lacks in technical finesse. […]

Interview: Andrew Bujalkski, dir. Support the Girls

Mumblecore legend Andrew Bujalski’s latest film, Support the Girls, headed by the singularly brilliant Regina Hall, tells the story of a group of young women working at a Hooters-style bar in Texas. We sat down with the film’s […]

The mad, mad world of Quentin Tarantino

With some glittering suits and lousy talk, Quentin Tarantino has risen from a video-store geek to a movie-making maestro. His directorial debut, Reservoir Dogs, remains the ultimate tale of a heist gone wrong. The film was […]

Film Review: Skin

★★★★☆ Jamie Bell is phenomenal in Skin, Israeli-born director Guy Nattiv’s harrowing drama. It’s a performance that requires a certain level of depth and power – something that Bell tears into with astonishing ferocity. The man […]

Film Review: Don’t Look Now

★★★★★ Few films have stood the test of time as well as Nicolas Roeg’s seminal horror Don’t Look Now. Revolving around the omnipresent theme of grief (and adapted from Daphne du Maurier’s short story), the film composes […]

Film Review: Apollo 11

★★★★★ From the first frame to its last, Apollo 11 observes the historic moon landings from a uniquely cinematic perspective. Paying homage to the analogue era by using exclusive footage from the time, transferred digitally from […]

5 facts that’ll prepare you for the awe of Apollo 11

If you didn’t know already, we’re Bertha DocHouse, the UK’s first cinema dedicated entirely to documentaries, and that means we’re absolutely mad about docs like Todd Douglas Miller’s Apollo 11. Rather like the moon landings themselves, […]

Edinburgh 2019: Get Duked! review

★★★☆☆ The curtain rose on the 73rd Edinburgh International Film Festival last week with music director Ninian Doff’s feature debut Get Duked! (aka Boyz in the Wood). Set in the Scottish Highlands, this inspired mashup of comedy, thriller […]

Film Review: Toy Story 4

★★★★☆ Nine years after Andy said goodbye to Woody (Tom Hanks), Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) and the rest of his toys, the gang are back at it in another adventure. But after the transcendent third instalment, […]

Film Review: The Flood

★★★★☆ Anthony Woodley’s The Flood follows Eritrean refugee Haile (the extremely impressive Ivanno Jeremiah) on a journey full of hazard over oceans and across borders, as we see him arrive in the UK hoping to find solace and safety. […]

Film Review: Mari

★★★★☆ An ambitious debut feature by writer-director Georgia Parris, Mari is a tender, intimate exploration of life and death, expressed through movement and dance. When choreographer Charlotte (Bobbi Jene Smith) discovers she is pregnant and that […]

DC’s best slot game movie tie-ins

Marvel and DC rule the roost when it comes to comic books. Disney bought Marvel Comics back in 2009 and helped to bring the MCU to the forefront of Hollywood entertainment. The DCEU isn’t quite as […]

Film Review: Men in Black: International

★☆☆☆☆ The chemistry that Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson forged so effortlessly in Thor: Ragnarok was an unexpected treat in 2017, begging the question “why haven’t we paired these two before?” Unfortunately, Men in Black: International is all too happy […]

Film Review: Gloria Bell

★★★☆☆ After breaking out onto the international film scene with A Fantastic Woman, Sebastian Lelio returns to cinemas with his second English language feature Gloria Bell. A remake of his native Chilean film Gloria, in which […]

Film Review: Halston

★★★☆☆ Regardless if you care or not about fashion, it is impossible to ignore. From the somewhat delirious yearly coverage of the Met Gala to the eye-watering amounts of money involved in trade deals between fashion […]