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Month: June 2019

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Film Review: Diego Maradona

★★★★☆ Sound design is crucial to the success of Asif Kapadia’s Diego Maradona. Every thunk, thud and crunch on the pitch resounds – the rapid, superficial nature of observing a football match from the stands or through the TV screen is subverted and given weight in the echoes and distortions that come with impact. […]

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Film Review: Honeyland

★★★★☆ Hatidze’s skinny middle-aged frame is almost swallowed up by the jagged expanse of rural Macedonia as she scrapes her way across the landscape. The untamed, harsh terrain stretches up into the mountains, which this tiny figure claws her way along using the most precarious and fragile nooks and crannies. Resolute and steady, […]

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Film Review: X-Men: Dark Phoenix

★★★☆☆ On a mission to save a squad of stranded astronauts, mutant Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) is hit with a strange cosmic force that ramps up her powers, threatening to destabilise the shaky pact that Professor X (James McAvoy) has established between humans and mutants. Meanwhile, tensions are rising between older mutants Beast […]

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Film Review: Freedom Fields

★★★★☆ Freedom Fields is both a love letter to the sport and a sharp critique of post-revolution Libya – penned with hope, but also inked with frustration. In spite of dreams deferred and hopes postponed, a football team lives out their love for the game, even as the field becomes a battleground where […]

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DVD Round-up: May 2019 edition

Another monster month for May, with Criterion and Eureka dominating again with a surfeit of releases. Nevertheless, cult label Arrow impressed with their release of the intense Japanese high school indie Blue Spring, while Bluebell offered a bare-bones but welcome edition of classic sex comedy La Ronde.  A Face in the Crowd – 6 May […]